Provide, Share, and View Video References

What Do Your References Say About You?

inquireaboutme (, is a free way to share your professional and personal references, by letting people speak on your behalf as a form of review. inquireaboutme allows you to put a face with the name, and actually see and hear what others say about a person, business, university, or organization, before finalizing a decision.

Whether you’re applying for a job, college, membership, or highlighting your personal, business, university, or organization achievements; inquireaboutme does the talking for you with videos, pictures, and blogs.

Email your card (that details who you are) to connect with people of interest.

Send Connect Request to grow your network.

Send Reference Request to request video of someone speaking on your behalf.

Send Blog Request to request a statement of someone speaking on your behalf.

Record live stream Accolade videos of achievement moments.

Send customized Social Badge to others to view your page.

Audience Types

Employee Prospect

Individuals who are looking for employment now or in the future, or a person wanting to highlight their career.

Student Prospect

Individuals who will apply for college or employment or want to highlight scholastic achievements.


Businesses who are currently looking for employees or want to highlight company achievements.


Colleges and Universities seeking enrollment or want to highlight collegiate achievements.


Non-Profits, Organizations, or Volunteer Groups seeking members, looking for employees or sponsors, or groups who want to highlight achievements.


Individuals who want to highlight their athletic achievements for college scouts, or professional sports.

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